Prototype Processes by Chase Countryman

Freelance 3D Artwork for Video Games, business, or printing

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Prototype Processes builds and designs 3D models for you

We specialize in game ready models including high detail models for AAA creations or low poly constructions deployable on android or ios.

Our Services


The core of my training is in architectural modeling. We offer freelance building models. Premium features include enterable, high poly, and multi-story. Can come Vanilla or Textured and mapped. Each model comes fully tested courtesy of Orlando Computer Store

$15-$500 a model

AAA Models

Prototype Processes can produce any triple A model you could use, from vehicles to weapons to environmental props. We offer a discount for low poly versions of these. We use the highest calibre computers built by Orlando Gaming Computers

$10-$100 per model

Game Ready Assets

Every asset I produce is GAME READY. This means that it is 100% to the way that you want it to be in your game. I do not take payment until you are satisfied with the model.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Character Modeling

Want unique characters to spice up your game. I can create anything from anime to animal in a realistic proportion. If you are looking for from scratch character models, then a premium will be added, but you will be guaranteed custom creations and not be sharing with anyone else. IF you can settle with custom texture but common body shape, expect unbeatable prices.

$25-$500 per model